New Windmill Cat Toys Fidget Spinner for Kitten with LED and Catnip Ball


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Fidget Spinner for Your Cats!
Need a fun toy for your not-so-active cat? Little something for your cat instead of a short foot-petting session?
Fidget Spinner Windmill Cat Toy is an interactive, fun & safe cat toy that’s perfectly designed to entertain your cat! Give your cat an exciting playtime, a training session for those small paws! (Hi-yah!)

Type: Windmill Cat Toy
NOTE:Catnip, bells, and luminous balls are all presented randomly, not guaranteed

Package Content :
1* Cat Toy

Operation Instruction

Cat fidget spinner windmill stuck on the wall and cat is playing with interactive toy

Automatic on and off led light motion activated

cat relaxed with catnip

Cat biting cat toy chewy soft safe cat toy

Stick It & Let It SPIN!

Find a nice flat surface, stick the Fidget Spinner Windmill Cat Toy suction cup. It can be placed on a door, wall, tub, and floor.

LED Ball with Automatic Switch

Did I mention the automatic turn on/off LED light ball? It is motion-activated, that means you never need to turn it on or off. It will light up when your cat is playing with it!

For Catnip Lovers

For those catnip lovers, we included two catnip balls that can be inserted in the transparent ball area. It really helps to relieve anxiety and stress for your cat!

Give Your Toes Some Break!

All the toe biting and foot-petting. This toy will be your cat’s favorite scratching post for itchy head and biting game. Clean teeth and nice breath for extra.

Weight 0.20 kg
Dimensions 158 × 70 × 70 cm



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